about us

A strong team

Kreative in problem solving, precise in detail and professional in  project implementation – these and many more things are what the experienced FSD-team performs every day – convince yourself and contact us.

Tech-crazy and lovable

»Creating a team-feeling generates something new – that’s what I’m convinced of. Together we want to realize new ideas with passion and shape the future with our employees. No more and no less.«

Jörg Hegel

Executive Partner

»The creative process – from the 3D-wolrd to the finished product – creating and realizing everything in one team – this is what fascinates me every day. Seeing the own product at the car is of course very pleasant.«

André Roesler

Executive Partner

»Keeping the overview – external as well as internal, especially when it get‘s stressful. That‘s my job and how I lead my clients’ projects to success. Necessary for this is a well-rehearsed team.«

Chris Bibow

Project Manager

»Shaping and design – this is what I deal with and what motivates me every day. Being able to create something with my manual work is great.«

Giuseppe Siragusano


»Going to work with pleasure – who can say that. I am excited for the upcoming tasks facing my colleagues and me every day. I am never bored and that‘s great.«

Aylin Sahuric

Commercial Clerk

»My work in the company is joyful. Tackling properly and sometimes getting your hands grimy is great. I like my job.«

Luca Roszak

Commercial Clerk

»Advancing the topic hydraulics – this is my vision. By contributing with my knowledge and ideas I want to open up new areas.«

Dominik Kehr

Projectmanagement and Expert in Hydraulics

»Communication, especially international, is gaining importance to our company. I do not only enjoy languages but contact to customers all around the world.«

Janine Banas

Commercial Clerk

»Especially precision is what motivates me every day. In my work it is important to pay attention to two, sometimes three digits after the decimal point. A daily challenge that brings joy.«

Dirk Neu


»Working as a designing engineer means facing new challenges every day. Special exigencies require the progression and implementation of individual solutions almost every time. A great job.«

Christian Fehd


»Hydraulics is an extremely exciting working field. I am, among other things, entrusted with building aggregations or maintaining the local hydraulic systems. Every work takes an individual solution.«

Ingo Theis

Fitter in Hydraulics

»We do all work in a highly specialized working field. As a personnel in the production I implement what the customer wants and what has been developed in our team.«


Michael Heming

Production staff

»As an instrument mechanic I am responsible for always finding the individual solution for our machines or the systems of our customers. A challenging and splendidly task that never gets boring.«

Sebastian Heming

Instrument mechanic

»Our special systems in use all around the world. That means I also have a lot of trips on the calendar. As a mechanic I make sure that our local systems can be into operation and that they are working perfectly.«

Timo Dietrich

Fitter in special systems

FSD • Fluidsysteme Dasbeck GmbH

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