Hydraulic units

For every purpose

We take over construction and project planning of ready-to-connect hydraulic units for every purpose. A hydraulic unit individually according to customer requirements or series production of standard units, we have the know-how.

In order to enable long terms of use and follow-up costs as low as possible of our hydraulic units, we use premium components and set out optimally.

Every hydraulic unit is drawn in 3D. The drawing is available for the customer if required!

Our services:

  • Analysis of needs with the customer
  • Exegesis of hydraulic units/hydraulic systems
  • Creating a fluidplan
  • 3D construction
  • Project planning
  • 100% control during test runs
  • Documentation as PDF and printed


Even the most reliable unit and system needs to be modernized or replaced.

Under consideration of its purpose of use and the current state of technique, retrofit can reduce operating costs and minimize the probability of failure.

FSD • Fluidsysteme Dasbeck GmbH

Zentrale Dortmund