Stretch bending machines

Standard program and custom-made products

Our proven standard machines program consists of:

  • CNC-dual- rotary bending machines (20kN, 60 kN and 170kN as well as special versions according to customer requests)
  • 2D-bumper stretch bender (center oriented or turret bending – unlimited according to customer requests)
  • DLC-bender 15kN
  • 2D-bender 15kN to 600kN bumper (center oriented or turret bending)
  • Every bending machine can also be produced according to customer requests, stretching force is virtually unlimited

    Our custom-made products include:

  • Combined stretch bending machines by bending stone method or stretch bending method
  • Stretch bending machines with interpolating bending stone support
  • Combined stretch bending “stretch bending with interpolating bending stone”
  • Stretch bending with automatic bending intervention
  • Adaptive stretch bending

The 20kN CNC-stretch bender for trims is part of the newest generation of machines with many improvements – that includes for example an increased axle driving speed and improved precision. Furthermore, digital force transducers, adjustment, remote access, analyses and exact results ease the process.

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